My name is Piotr Szot.

Born in Poland in a small village in between forests and lakes. Probably that’s one of the reasons why I’m kind of ethnic – fantasy freak:]

I have many fields of interests, but now two biggest passions – tattooing and travelling. I’m very thankful that I can combine this two.

I’m a graduate in the High School of Art in Olsztyn, and Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, both in Poland, where I got a degree in Graphic Design with a specialization – Illustration. During seven years spent on studies, I was engaged in all kinds of visual arts: sculpture, graphic design, 3D, video, design, painting. During my first year of studies, I was professionally engaged in illustration. For over four years, I was making illustrations for book covers, RPG handbooks, magazines and card games.

Tattoos always fascinated me, so i decided to start to make illustrations on the skin. In my works I like to bring fantasy and ethnic motives. I used to be fascinated with the colour/painting, but now I’m turning more and more into the primitive/geometrical aspect of tribal- ethnic tattoos.

Till now I worked as a full time tattoo artist in Tattoo Familia in Cracov/ Poland and Meatshop in Copenhagen/ Denmark. I have made guest spots or working with individual clients in Poland, Denmark, Spain, Scotland, Germany, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and Cambodia.

Now I’m working independently and I’m based in Bielsko-Biała/ Poland.

Hope you’ll enjoy my work.


An interview with me for TVN- one of the most popular polish TV station. Unfortunatelly just in polish.


An interview with me on Cropp Tattoo Convent 2014 in Gdańsku.
 An interview for the COVER internet magazine:
My work featured in one of THE BIGGEST TATTOO BLOGS on Earth- TATTOODO:
An article in Tattoo Fest magazine:

My work featured on this beautiful book „Dotwork & Blacwork”



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