Hej beautiful people! Thank you for your interest in my work:)

I just came back from other side of the world and slowly settling down in Poland once again. I already moved out from Bielsko- Biala and now I’m moving in magical Izery Mountains close to Jelenia Góra where I want to grow my roots, join a community of amazing, open minded people and create beautiful tattoo retreat center. Unfortunately it will take me a while. Usually I Book new clients only two times a year- in the Summer and Winter Solstice. This are only two options to book an appointment with me, but since now I’m in the transitional period and I need to change my booking routine to adjust to the changing conditions. That’s why I’M OPENING BOOKINGS FOR JUNE AND JULY FROM TODAY! 🙂 Than in August I’m planning to travel to USA. For those who will not have a chance to meet with me during this next months- during summer solstice I’ll be taking bookings concerning September to December periods. Until I’ll find a proper land where I can build my studio, I’ll be tattooing in studio of my great friend Bartosz Jaworski in center of Jelenia Gora.

For next few months I will work „PARADOGSART” TATTOO studio in center of Jelenia Góra, Poland.


Your email has to include (Please keep this order. It speed up our communication process:D ) :

  • Full name
  • who are you? what is your story? What are your passions?
  • What is your intention? Why do you want to get this tattoo?
  • Ideas for your tattoo (please write about it in short and brief way) . What it should symbolise or express?
  • Intended size and placement of your body where the tattoo is going to be with photo of this body part
  • Additional inspirations/references photos (5-6 photos) as e-mail attachements (no .rar,.zip files or a hyperlinks!)
  • Your date of birth ( it will help me to make a proper design for you, based on a numerology)
  • Place where you live (helpful in the case of making a date of appointment)
  • FB or Instagram profile
  • Phone number

Read before you send an e-mail:

  • I really like to think about my tattoos as a some kind of totems or amulets. I see the tattoo session as a ritual. And this is what I’m trying to achieve in my work. If you are interested in getting only nice looking picture, and you feel uncomfortable with weird guy doing weird looking things before and during session, than most probably I’m not the right guy for you:P
  • Please contact me only via e-mail (I will not respond to Facebook massages)
  • E-mails sent before the date I announce as beginning of bookings will not be taken under consideration when I will be setting my schedule
  • Please write me by my name – just Piotrek (without Sir or something like that ) 🙂
  • I’m tattooing only my personal designs crafted for individual customer.
  • I’m drawing the design on the session day so there is no way to see a preview of my work before.
  • Not every theme is good to be tattooed by me
  • Please let me know when you want to cancel the appointment at least 3 days before planned meeting
  • It is possibility of change the date of the planned meeting but it is depends on availability of other dates. Please let me know if you need to change the date of your appointment as soon as it is possible.
  • I live and work in a small village close to Bielsko-Biała, Poland
  • I think it’s a good idea to come one night before or to stay the night after session to get some get some good sleep and restore energy
  • I do not send my design to be made by other tatoo artists
  • If necessary I always have with me a set of my projects, so I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself 🙂
  • Generally, you have to trust me 🙂 If you write to me, that means that you like what I do, so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • The costs will be discussed individually with client in private conversation.
  • I will answer your email as soon as possible, so please be patient 🙂

I do not tattoo:

  • The same design many times
  • Plagiarism, tattoo improvements or other variations of other tattoo artists
Description of my design process:
  • First, we sit down and talk. You are describing me of what you want (what, where, how big, and so on). showing me the reference photo and explaining what exactly dou you like in them and why. Generally anything that can help speed up the design process and help me as much as possible to map your cravings 🙂
  • Further I analyze your references and ideas. I examine why the posted reference tattoo looks and works the way they do. I take out the essence of which I will try to include in your project.
  • I like the most when such situations the most 🙂 and as experience shows – that work best 🙂 In short- the more freedom you give me, the more joy and love I’ll be able to put in. I’m sure it’s worth it:)
  • Of course I can be inspired by the work of others, but usually it comes down to being inspired by the composition or specific details. Everything is grind, milled and digested. Finally it is done in my own way.
The principles on which I work:
  • I do only my custom designs.
  • I do not do projects before the session, unless I decide that this is necessary for some reason. Experience has shown me that vibrant, creative process, where can I ask you something and instantly gain a response, gives the best results. I prepare myself for the session by collecting the necessary inspiration / reference and cut it out, bend and match everything in your eye, so that it will look exactly as you wish 🙂
  • Sometimes I stencil patterns using carbon paper but in the vast majority of cases, I draw directly on the body. Depending on what technique will fit to the exact situation. The good of tattoo and the fact that it fit the best to your character and personal anatomy is my priority.
  • Generally, you have to trust me: P If you write to me, that means that you like what I do, so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Discussion, placing the stencil and so on is a part of a paid session time.
  • I work mainly with tattoo machine. It is caused mainly because I’m still learning to use the traditional technique and still I am not able to guarantee the highest quality of such services. However any such traditional session is a kind of ritual. So its not only about design itself but everything around. Smells,views and atmosphere in general. That’s why I leave them for special occasions.
Unfortunately, I’m only human . and I can not split apart, so in advance I would like to apologize for the delay in the responses and distant deadlines but I hope it will be worth to wait:)

Love and light.


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