My name is Piotr Szot.
Born in Poland in a small village in between forests and lakes. Probably that’s one of the reasons why I’m kind of ethnic – fantasy freak
I have many fields of interests, but now two biggest passions – tattooing and travelling. I’m very thankful that I can combine this two.

I’m a graduate in the High School of Art in Olsztyn, and Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, both in Poland, where I got a degree in Graphic Design with a specialization – Illustration.
During seven years spent on studies, I was engaged in all kinds of visual arts: sculpture, graphic design, 3D, video, design, painting. During my first year of studies, I was professionally engaged in illustration. For over four years, I was making illustrations for book covers, RPG handbooks, magazines and card games.

Tattoos always fascinated me, so i decided to start to make illustrations on the skin.  In my works I like to bring fantasy and ethnic motives. I used to be fascinated with the colour/painting, but now I’m turning more and more into the primitive/geometrical aspect of tribal- ethnic tattoos.

Till now I worked as a full time tattoo artist in Tattoo Familia in Cracov/ Poland and Meatshop in Copenhagen/ Denmark. I have made guest spots or working with individual clients  in Poland, Denmark, Spain, Scotland, Germany, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Now I’m working independently and I’m based in Bielsko-Biała/ Poland.

Hope you’ll enjoy my work.


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